A few days after moving to Boston (from Ohio. Help me.), I was trapped in a migrating herd of rush hour travelers in the train station. A disabled train somewhere down the line had slowed everything to a standstill and it was well over ninety degrees with no hope of a breeze.

After a long lull, a train finally chugged to a stop in front of the crowd. We moved as one unified creature of business suits and sweat towards the doors. No individual person had any say in the matter. I turned to the woman beside me and asked, “Do you know what train this is?”

In a delightful Irish accent she said, “I actually have no idea.”

We both laughed and got on the train.

Welcome to my blog. I’m a writer with dreams but I have no idea what I’m doing. And that’s okay. I’m figuring it out with you. Someday we’re both going to be writers. (Or you might be a botanist, I guess. Or a quarterback or a dental hygienist or whatever it is you crave). I post about writing and other surprises. I’m here to tell you in a delightful internet accent that we’re both doing this now. And it’s going to be great. Feel free to contact me. I love talking to you. (Introverts talk best on the internet).

We’ve boarded the train. There’s no going back.

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