How I Do Halloween

How I Do Halloween

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If this is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.


The First Time I Heard an Alessia Cara Song Was At Her Own Concert

I had never been one those people that goes to concerts just to see the opening act. Maybe I’m not musically hip enough since my tastes tend towards already established artists. Right after I moved to Boston though, my dad wanted to surprise me with a congratulations-good-luck-in-the-real-world present. He asked if there were any concerts I really wanted to go to and I said, “not really.” (Okay, wow. Apparently I’m not musically hip at all. I’m also 190 years old, so please forgive my use of the word ‘hip’).

Alessia Cara Flowers.jpgAnyway, I told him Ruth B was the only artist I was super into right now. In fact, when I moved to Boston, I listened to Ruth B’s Golden on repeat for the entire length of my plane ride and much of the time spent in the airport. Just that one song. As someone who was moving out of the Midwest for the first time in my life in pursuit of an impossible dream, that song keeps me from crumpling under the weight of the odds. (I’m trying to be a writer by the way, in case you’re lost). I also knew though, that Ruth B had only released an EP with 4 songs, so she probably wasn’t touring.

In September, my dad surprised me with two tickets to see Alessia Cara perform at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston. I had never heard of Alessia Cara but Ruth B was her opener. I was giddy. (Side note: My dad was probably hoping I’d have made friends by the time the concert rolled around in October so I could use the second ticket, but I’m not the kind of person who asks random strangers to concerts. I knew my neighbors, a couple vague work acquaintances, and some pretty cool people I’d met in a writing club, but no one I knew well enough to take to a concert. [Introvert Insight: when we are really excited about something, we often enjoy doing that activity alone. There’s way less pressure.] I didn’t want to have to make small talk, or pretend to be only casually interested in the concert.) So on the night of the concert, I went to the Orpheum alone.

How Introverts Go To Concerts

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Cambridge Parkway Along the Charles River

So I was walking along the Charles River, thinking about how I’d like to be a mermaid—a river-maid—and taking photos for a piece I was writing, when THREE different people came up to ask for directions. One guy even asked if I could point out some historical landmarks. I had literally never looked so touristy and yet they still thought I looked like I knew what I was doing.

I’m a city person apparently. I just never knew it. Click here to read more!



View From Longfellow Bridge