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Feel free to Contact me at any time at: shywritercentral [at] gmail [dot] com

Add to our Archive of Failure. Send me stories of the moment you gave up writing, and then tell me how you stopped yourself. It doesn’t have to be gigantic (You got signed by an agent after seventeen years of writing!) Sometimes the best stories are the smallest (you silently deleted your WIP, and then in the morning, you plugged in your back up hard drive and kept going).

This site is intended for writers (common moments of failure: 500 query rejections, losing a contract, bad reviews, dismal sales, etc.), but if you’re reading this and you nearly gave up on your dreams of opening a B&B or becoming a deep sea diver or anything under the sun, send me your story.

My only rule is that it must end in hope, however small.

(You can send me other thoughts too. If you want your story published in my blog, please write “Archive of Failure” at the start of your comment.


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